Does your brain need a reboot?

A new approach to diet and lifestyle that lifts the fog

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Improve Memory

Restore Motivation

Clear the Fog

Brain fog will not go away on its own

Living life with brain fog can feel unbearable. Entire days are a blur.

You wonder why you can’t think straight or find the right words.

Your symptoms are telling you to act. Your lifestyle and habits might be acting like fuel for your brain that is on fire. Whether your goal is to decrease memory loss, boost brainpower, or cut your risk of Alzheimer’s, relief is possible.

Don’t spend another day waiting to feel normal or hoping your symptoms will vanish. 

Let’s work together and design a plan just for you, a plan to upgrade your diet and lifestyle.

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Wanna beat brain fog?

Just imagine…

A custom brain fog recovery roadmap designed and tailored just for you.

Offering structure, confidence and an opportunity at lasting change.

  • Improve your memory

  • Stop misplacing stuff

  • Feel motivation again

  • Get your brain back

  • Lose the anxiety

You don't have to do this alone.

I know you want your focus back. I also know it is hard to get motivated when cloudy thoughts fill your head. You never imagined how overwhelming ordinary responsibilities would keep you from your fullest version of life.

I get it– that same mental haziness took a toll on me and made me feel dull, fatigued and unmotivated. I remember spending many days feeling like my tank was on empty. I reached a point in my life when I needed help, so I learned and read and looked for solutions. Clearing the fog is possible.

As a certified Health and Wellness coach, I am here to help you create a customized plan to support your diet and to rebuild a lifestyle that replaces your spark!

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Shana has a way of gently and purposefully supporting and guiding her clients along the health and wellness coaching journey. It feels like friendship, and for me the most important thing about working with someone about my personal and most vulnerable goals is to feel heard and cared for along the way.”

Shana was a fantastic wellness coach and gave me the forward push I didn’t even know I needed. She was a non-judgmental listener and empathetic communicator. She was always encouraging me to take holistic approaches to healing and health. Cheering me on with my yoga practice as well as suggesting self-advocating exercises that I still use with her voice in mind. She didn’t assume she had answers but held space for me while I could unravel the answers on my own. All I could ask for in a health coach,”

“Before I started coaching with Shana, I had most of the knowledge I needed to achieve my goal of consistently exercising in the mornings, but I just didn’t seem to be able to make it actually happen. I felt I was letting myself down, and I just knew I was capable of better. With Shanas help I felt more accountable and discovered ways I was self-sabotaging without knowing it. By the end of my time with her I had a new morning routine that I enjoyed and could feel good about.”


Don't Lose Another Day

Brain fog is a term that describes problems with memory, focus, mood and energy. It isn’t described as a medical condition or a diagnosis–this can make the road to wellness confusing, especially if your doctor tells you it’s just a part of getting older or doesn’t address the root causes for you individually.

In my Health Coaching practice, I know you want to break free of the fog. In order to do that you need a customized recovery roadmap, a map that will support your diet, but also elevate your lifestyle habits in a personalized way.

There is hope. It is possible to resolve your brain fog once and for all!

Here's How it Works