My Universe

Presenting my latest playlist 😉 I may have been on a hiatus creating playlists, but my listening has been strong. This particular playlist resonates with my life right now. All songs I just think have a great story and an infectious rhythm. As always, Spotify is my home base, so if you don’t have an account you can sign up for free. That comes with some limits, but you can still listen to my playlists. Happy groovin.


The month of April I plan to focus on sleep (albeit a bit late on arrival…March kind of came and went, and while I worked on content, and hoped to accomplish more posts–I did not, and that’s okay). So back to my theme this month–S L E E P makes me very seriously happy! Check out my blog on sleep and brain health 😉

This playlist intended for meditation or yoga, sure does fill in well during the hour of the day when kids are circling the kitchen wondering WHAT’S FOR DINNER? The songs should keep you in a cool calm state of being.

You know I love hearing from you! Leave a comment.

Mellow Groove

February’s playlist is a grouping of newer artists for me. Artists that I have gotten to know since I began making monthly playlists (about 6 months). This is a mellow playlist, yet the kind of mellow you also need to groove too!

Just a reminder, the home for all of my playlists is Spotify. Don’t fret if you don’t have an account. Spotify offers a free account, you’ll just need to listen to commercials and they get to choose the order you hear the songs. STILL though, go check out the music, it might motivate you to explore old favorites or maybe you’ll find some new tunes.

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